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Do you have a family member who needs guardianship and can no longer manage his or her money or make decisions about personal or medical care? Guardianship Lawyer Charles Farrar will be happy to assist your case.

Your child, parent, grandparent or elderly relative or friend may begin to experience signs of mental or physical incapacity. At this stage, your loved one may find it difficult to make most decisions for themselves, especially relative to any financial and personal care decisions. You and family members should be concerned about your loved one’s future and need to plan accordingly.

An Adult Guardian is appointed through probate court; a Minor Guardian is designated by family court. The guardian decides where your relative will live and provide for his or her care. He or she makes both physical and mental health care decisions. The guardian also presents yearly reports to the County Probate Court regarding the ward's well-being.

If you'd like to know more about Guardianship and would like to be appointed as a guardian, contact the Law Firm of Family Lawyer Michigan in Waterford, MI. Guardianship Attorney Charles Farrar will be happy to help you today. Our phone number is (248) 860-6025.

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